If you have a vision of excellent Career and committed to dedicate yourself for realizing your dream, then Career Gurus Academy welcomes you with the similar level of pledge & dedication.

Career Gurus Academy has been founded to facilitate JEE, NEET, NATA, CLAT, KVPY and Olympiad aspirant with the highest level of expertise to achieve success in all streams.

Career Guidance is our first introduction session to students along with their parents. The session aims to an ultimate place where your dreams are turned into reality.

Here, we make sure you’ll receive “specialized strong training materials that provide preparations necessary for success. Career Gurus Academy’s dedication and positive attitude Classes produced wonderful results every year which challenged them to produce even better results.

Today’s rapidly changing pattern of NEET, IIT-JEE makes a strong training more essential than ever before. Vibrant Academy can help you make sense of the IIT-JEE world – and help you lay the foundation for a successful career. Here, you’ll receive a specialized NEET, IIT-JEE hands-on preparation necessary for success.


Career Gurus has a vision to be the world leader in training students for competitions and preparing them for a bright career ahead. Not only we aim to make them excellent professionals in engineering and medical fields, but we prepare them for the challenges that they face in life.

Above all we aim to prepare students to be responsible and progressive citizens of the country